The Coffee House traveler’s collection

The Coffee House traveler’s collection


* Original concept container, the actual box is different.

Travelers love souvenirs. Because souvenirs to them are not simply a thing, but a personal time-marker which represent for a vividly memories or unforgettable experience of journey past.

Credit | Creative director/ Project manager Vuong Nguyen Illustrator Tuong Vy, Tuong Van, Duong Hoang Art producer Kei Nguyen of Tree Entertaiment Designer Vuong Nguyen, Tram Anh, Kai Final artist Thien Pham

Therefore, we want it to be special, we make it in a way that we love the most – hand drawing. Like other projects, we started with thoughts and sketches. What we should draw? What is matter to a traveller? What is unique about a place? We thought of a map.



A city map is like a human’s finger print, unique like no other, each map is a lively labyrinth of history, culture, habitat of generations of citizen.

We added in a fews regular tourist attractions, signature dishes, items that related to the city life. We hope to see more cities of the collection will come to life.

Mockups Design

Mockups Design

Mockups Design


We picked color based on distinctive or characteristic of each city. Saigon is orange inspired from its hot weather year-round and terra-cotta building roofs quite popular there, Da Nang is blue-cyan – a peaceful and calm city by the sea, while Hanoi is more time-dyed, historical tonality.

* Original concept container, the actual box is different.



Bonus: This project remind us to a self-documentary video we did back in 2017 as traveler on a business trip to Hanoi 🥴. The project is here.

Clever Coco: Pure Joy

Clever Coco: Pure Joy

Note: The ████ brand is too cool they don’t want to reveal their name for free. So we hide it behind the censor bar / pixelated, but it looks awful then we decide to give it an imaginary brand name: Clever Coco.

Credit | Creative director Vuong Nguyen Designer Vuong Nguyen, Thien Huong Ngo Project manager Nhan Tran, Vy Nguyen

The Coconut’s Kingdom

Bến Tre is also known as the ‘capital of coconut’ or ‘the coconut province’ or somebody love to call it ‘the coconut’s kingdom’, since its history bound with this amazing plant.Though coconut trees can be found nearly everywhere in the country, but only coconut Xiêm is the most famous famous for its deliciousness.

Located in the southwestern of the Mekong Delta, about 90km to west of HCM City, Ben Tre has long been famed for its specialty coconut Xiêm.

The concept: Pure joy

There is nothing compare to cold, fresh and delicious as juice from a tip-chopped green coconut Xiêm during a hot day. A source of joy as pure as raw and untouched coconut itself. People at Mekong Delta also used coconut leaves as multi-purpose material in their daily. One of usage is building beautiful wedding arches, all done by hands by most skilled farmers in the village. There is a documentary video below of how they preparing for a wedding at Mekong Delta. And that’s where the source of our design inspiration come.



We learn from videos found on Youtube and tested several combination pair of colors and graphic elements. Duo-tone is not enough to make the pack vibrant, so we decided to use 3 color to simulate the chess board effect instead.

When the joy of deliciousness marry to a hand-crafted piece of art, there is pure joy. You are not just drinking the pure of the most famous Green Xiem coconut juice from Ben Tre but also enjoy the culture of craftsmanship of the local farmers there.

In your hand is a Pure Joy limited edition coconut prisma pack, crafted and brought to you by ████/Clever Coco x NYF.



The concept was not coming through due to several reasons, but we are still happy to continue to build it up and bring it into light. To celebrate the creativity and diligence of Mekong Delta’s farmers, especially local farmers in Ben Tre who great at hand crafting.





P.S: We don’t expect to see it in real life under ████ brand, but if it does, that is another story to discover.

Diana Sensi short serie

Diana Sensi short serie

Diana_looks 2_2.1.1_opt2 cop22

A few months back, we got a call from Dentsu One for a video production, a 10 second serie video for Diana’s latest product: Diana Sensi short for night time. The idea is quite interesting and the ending line is a well wrap-up – Vùng bất biến giữa đêm dài vạn biến, initial translation is, ‘a stable zone for an unstable night’ – pardon for our clumsy translation.

Advertiser: Diana Vietnam, Unicharm
Agency: Dentsu One
Art director: Vien Tran
Copy writer: Anh Thao Lam
Account team: Linh Le, Tram Nguyen
Production house : Lumina Gallery
Post house: Color Holic
CGI: Lumina Gallery
Director: Viet Ngan Nguyen
DOP:  LuB Nguyen
1st AD: Nhan Nguyen
Props master: Truong Linh ‘Gau’ Phan
Voice Producer: San Tran
EP/Producer: Graya Tieu, Vuong Nguyen
Line Producer: Kei Nguyen, Phuong Linh Kieu
PH Art Director: Vuong Nguyen


Director cut’s and WIP CGI of video #1.










Clip #2 | Clip #3


70050174_2259563820807469_1784492515588571136_n (1) copy-2.jpg

DIANA_3_7_I.Still copy-s.jpg

The CGI play an important role to demonstrate the ‘accidental disasters’ occurred during the night time, a subtle way yet visually interesting way to describe woman’s problems without say it out loud. (18).gif (11) (12)

Sometimes, we have to use other classic way to create special effect on set: flicking lights and man power – to shake off the stuffs. (14)

Behind the scene pics of Lumina Gallery crew on shooting day. Thanks to everyone efforts, we wrapped up on time – to be exact 30 mins sooner.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset


Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset



The Coffee House Mooncake 19

The Coffee House Mooncake 19


publication page-02

This is the second year that The Coffee House produced their own Mid-autumn mooncake in Vietnam market. This year the package is presented with a hand-crafted by illustration artists portrait the beauty city landscape on a full-moon night with sky lanterns as known as ‘Sai Gon silent night’.

Client: The Coffee House
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Designer: Vuong Nguyen, Kai
Illustrator: Duong Hoang, Tram Anh, TREE Studios
Project Manager: Kei Nguyen
Assistant: Minh Hoang
Model: Kei Nguyen
Photographer: Vuong Nguyen, Graya Tieu



The final package is tip of an iceberg. We came up with several sketches at first, then crafting the illustrations in weeks later. Only one final illustration came through the production process. We are still hopefully the others will be published sometimes in future.




illustration_closeup 4

illustration_closeup 3

illustration_closeup 2

We used stamping foil printing at certain area, graphic or pattern to stimulate the moon light’s halo that shine over things during full moon night and enhancing the premium look of the package which is mainly using as a special gift for the festival.

box_inside 2


Special thanks to people that contribute to the project, from brand team, printer, mooncake maker, and also shippers who tirelessly deliver the happiness to customers.

2 boxes

Vinamilk Organic Gold

Vinamilk Organic Gold

The original board was not come from us but the other team, the previous creative team. And somebody said during the production trip: people should appreciate the work of others. I find out that is mean not only respect others but also respect yourself.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
ACD: Nhat Linh Pham, Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Hai Dao, Nhu Pham, Ha Cao
Art Director: Ngoc Anh Thu, Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: Tuan, Oanh
Composer: Lex Vu
Agency producer: Tuan Lam, Mai Tran, The producer team
Production house: Fatman
EP: Lili Pham
Line Producer: Chớp TN
Director: Casso
DOP: John, Fatman
Post & CGI house: The Frank Barton Company
Business Partner: Lan Anh Tran
Account team: My Ngoc Dang, Thieu Mai Tran, Anh Nguyen, Nghia Vu, Tue Tran
Traffic: Thuy Vu

We try to handle this with care, although all the crazy schedules, catch-ups, con-calls, jet lag, work-hour difference.

I myself learn to overcome challenges that I’ve never bang my head on before – everyday.

May be I am not the type of result-based person, of course I always aiming for a great result, but I do enjoy the making part of it. The experience of each project is priceless.

For this film, ‘It’s a wrap’ is a beginning. Fortunately, we have friends to help us out.

Vinamilk Power

Vinamilk Power

Not anyone like sport. Sport is sweating, sport is painful, sport is time consuming. But once you hooked to it, there is no longer just ‘sport’. There is a lifestyle, a positive attitude and a source of joy.

Vinamilk Power is encouraging, backing you up, just go out and do sport. That’s the spirit of the film.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
Associate Creative Director: Vuong Nguyen, Nghia Do
Copywriter: Quyen Do, Manh Tien
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen, Anh Thu
Visualiser: BRO group, BT Studio
Stillomatic: Dai Nguyen
Music Composer: Lex Vu
Production House: RenderMi
Line Production: 116 Pictures
Film Director: Justin Woon
EP: Aw, Vie
Post Producer: Nick
Post House: Zealot, Digital Magic, BKK
Producer: Mai Tran, Tuan Lam, Vu Nguyen – The Producer Team
Business Director: Lan Anh Tran
Account: Trinh Cao, Nhan Tran, Son Truong, Minh Duc Vo, Gia Tue Tran
Traffic Manager: Thuy Vu

This is also the first time I capture things that happening on set with my camera, I mean, a REAL ’35mm’ digital camera.

A mini documentary that shine a light to the people always stay ‘behind the scene’, in silence, relentless making the film bit by bit.


Hats off to Justin, the forty-year-old director, carrying 25kg equipment on his shoulder on set 3 days in a row, like a real-life iron man. He was also dived in the pool to film the swimming scenes (wigs off).



Vinamilk Black rice Yogurt

Vinamilk Black rice Yogurt

Black rice yogurt, a favorite dessert of people in Northern Vietnam now available on the shelves nation wide.

The highlighted (and fun) part of the film is the black rice and yogurt sequence. We did real shoot with a food experienced crew and bunch of black rice in order to capture the beauty of randomness.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
Associate Creative Director: Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Nhu Pham, Phuong Anh Tran
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: BT Studio
Animator: Dai Nguyen
Music Composer: Lex Vu
Production House: Laughing Buddha
EP: Malcom
Post House: Veative BKK
Film Director: Jacek
Producer: Mai Tran, Tuan Lam, Nghia Vu, Vu Nguyen, The Producer Team
Business Director: Lan Anh Tran
Account: My Ngoc Dang, Thieu Mai Bui (5)

Shot after shot, time after time, the imperfection here and there blending with perfection, some missing moments, some technical issues showed up and solved… The whole process required a great deal of time and patience of the team, the client, the creative.

At the end of the day, it’s worth it. Special thanks to everyone that have been involved.

Thing that I remembered the most is the moment at the offline presentation at client’s office. The first time ever I saw a lots of marketers waiting in excite to see the offline cuts. There was not enough chairs for everyone, some sitting some standing patiently.

After watched a few times, they all started to applause. That is the moment – I believed, not only me, but everyone from director, producer to accounts in the room will never forget. A big congrats to us.


Like usual, the film is just the tip of the iceberg. The final result of a long working process, from concept to execution :).


Hai Chau animated film

Hai Chau animated film


In the middle of September, we got invited in an interesting animated short film project for Hai Chau – the famous heritage confectionary manufacturer in Northern Vietnam founded in 1965. They want a film that can reflect Vietnamese traditions and introduce some of their “best-seller” confectionary brands.

Then we decided to retold the most famous Vietnamese folk stories under art direction inspired from water puppet.

We quickly formed a production team of young, talented and crazy ones.
Client Hai Chau Confectionary
Production house Tree Entertaiment
Creative Direction Vuong Nguyen, Kei Nguyen, Tong Tran, Vy Nguyen
Director Kei Nguyen
Art Director Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter Tram Tran, Vy Nguyen
Animator Tu Nguyen, Ba Nhuan Nguyen
Head of illustrator Tu Nguyen
Illustrator Nguyen Khanh Chi, Tran Gia Khang
Producer Nguyen Kei
Line producer Du Yên
When I write this case study, I suddenly realize ‘Really? We did that amount of works within THAT amount of time?’.

And yes, a cliché quote says ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’. It’s still true, time after time. I agreed.

layout 2-02




layout 2-03

layout-07.jpgTo add in dramatic feel like a typical water puppet stage, we created two pattern of wave to demonstrate calm, peaceful, versus rage, war, chaos scenes.


The team has been put all the efforts in order to create the look and feel of a typical water puppet show. From traditional folk music, look and feel of the stage to movement of elements put together.

Every scene is a painting, animated. And honestly, I thrilled whenever hearing the opening music. (8)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I recall the technic when the puppet artists used gasoline or sort of flammable oil to create the burning or dragon breathing flame scene on water surface. I think they are very clever, gasoline and oil lighter than ưater; so it will be floating on top of water and burning until run out.

This effect still impressed me ‘til today. (7)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset (10)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

layout 2-01

Bonus the hand sketching storyboard of the very first concept: ‘The Odyssey of the Elder Princess’ which has been postponed due to personal opinions. But we quite like the story, the thoughts and the art direction.

I put it here to remember how passionate and how hard we pushed it forward. 

IMG_1731.PNG (9)

Vinamilk Ridielac

Vinamilk Ridielac

Remember when you was a little boy or girl, when there are nothing on Earth can make you feel interested in, or excited about, Mom is always the one who creatively grab your attention with her never-the-same tricks.

Then imagine, she supported by useful and cheerful imaginary friends came from the Ridielac box. How about a circus? Yes, A Circus! And we has a TV-commercial.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
Associate Creative Director: Vuong Nguyen, Nghia Do
Copywriter: Tien Manh, Nghia Do
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: BRO group, Tran Le, BT Studio
Animator: One Pro
Composer: Lex Vu
Production House: Fatman Films
Post House: The Post Bangkok
CGI: Spice Shop
Film Director: Tim Denton
Photographer: Eric Huynh, Gbox
Producer: Tuan Lam, Nghia Vu, Vu Nguyen
Business Director: Lan Anh Tran
Account: Kieu Trinh Cao, Nhan Tran
Traffic: Hai Au

We worked with CGI team to create character from scratch. The process has been started before the film actually rolling, then composing the draft models on the offline. Then continue to fine tune details further, a lots amount of works. .

The CGI part took about 70% of the film, it is mean a lots of work to everyone, especially the CGI, director and producers. Thanks to the talented people we had on board, fortunately.



Ridielac_showcase-13 (1)

The day after film shooting, we did key visual shooting at Gbox with Eric Huynh as photographer.

The DI team has did a great work to compose the final models from POST Bangkok into the still images.


Cau Dat Farm

Cau Dat Farm

Client: Cau Dat Farm
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Illustrators: Hiền Vũ, Lê Nho Huy, Linh Nghiêm – BTStudio
Project Manager: Nhi Pham
Final Artist: Vinh Pham

publication page-01

Before Christmas 2017, we got a call from client for a packaging design project, kind of  rush one – we thought to ourselves, and yes, it WAS a rush one.

I still remembering that was a Friday night coffee meeting between us, after work, and we met at the very first time. This was kind of an informal and chemistry meeting which we’d loved to offer to new clients. There was Mister Phuong the CEO and Mister Dung from Cau Dat Farm, we had a friendly conservation to know each other and the brief, about the abilities of our team can offer.


Things happened very fast, right after the meeting, the client offered us one-day trip to their farm for visiting, scouting and gathering necessary materials for the project.

We hopped into a bus on Saturday night and begin the journey, turned out a very interesting journey! And there were sleeping beds on the bus for passengers.

sketch_layout 3

 So excited after the short trip, I quickly did a lots of sketches back in the hotel, on the bus and whenever I got free time to prepare a properly brief to the BT studio’s illustration team.

I was a bit obsessed with the panoramic view, the wideness of the scenic  when wandering through the hills in Cau Dat. I wondered how to bring that freedom panoramic feeling into the packages. Then I decided to go with wrap-around designs.

printer_testWe came up with a comprehensive visual system for different product types: coffee & tea on various SKUs.

6_coffee_espressoV_Shortfront back_coffee7_coffee_caphephinV_shortcoffee_250_valve bag

The illustration team has been did a great job. To bring Cau Dat’s scenics on packages, bold and colorful.

hopthiec_cao_tra xanh_Shortfront back_tea2V1_Shorttea_squre_2 tin can_short talltea_squre_tin can 4 sidetin_short_3d

We also made a collection of mini tea boxes as souvenir for tourists.

front_anim1_4 primary boxtote_pouch.jpgmugcombofullrange_White

The combo demo will coming soon.

Vinamilk Walnut soymilk

Vinamilk Walnut soymilk

TV commercial for launching brand new  product on the market from Vietnam’s largest dairy manufacturer, soy milk mixed with walnut.

Without the support of many enthusiastic and talented people, we might be not finished a huge amount of work within short periods of time.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
Associate Creative Director: Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Truc Quynh Le, Nhu Pham
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: Tran Le, Giang Nguyen
Animator: Dai Nguyen
Composer: Lex Vu
Production House: Superfine Film, BKK
Post House: Timelapse
Film Director: Chieng
Producer: Tuan Lam, Film, Vu Nguyen
Business Director: Lan Anh Tran
Account: Mai Thieu, Ngoc My, Thanh Mai Tran, Nhi Dinh


Notes for WIP CGI.

layout_x8 comment note.jpg

Original storyboard.


The shooting day

Fanta Board Game 2018

Fanta Board Game 2018

In mid 2017, we got a brief from Coca-Cola Vietnam for Coke, Fanta and Sprite for 2018 Lunar New Year.

Fortunately, the board game concept has been won. The board game boxes hopefully bring family members more quality time and more laughs during traditional holiday. And also introducing a better way to reuse the carton box instead of throw it away.


I got a chance to work with the illustration team (again) that made the 2017 Fanta & Sprite packaging. I think this is another wonderful project (and also a tough one) for us to pull-off.
Finally, we did it.
For some reasons, the Sprite packaging couldn’t make it through. So this year, only Fanta box got board game printed on.

Agency: Cowan Vietnam
Client: Coca-Cola
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen*
Designer: Vuong Nguyen*, Tan Nguyen, Truc ‘Chu’ Dinh
Copywriter: Tan Nguyen, Vuong Nguyen
Lead production: Phat ‘Kei’ Nguyen
Illustrator: Duong Hoang, Tin Anh Huynh, Nghiem Nguyen
Assistant: Quy
Associate Account Director: Giang Nguyen


The instruction is in the bottom the box, the game can be played by up to 4 players or even more when stack more boxes together.




Meet the F.A.N.T.A gang. Fatê, Fati, Fata, Fatô and Fatu, those funny, tiny guys will be represented players in the board game.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



This is an open board game platform, so you can stack more box to expand the game, longer the play time.

Players also can add-in or change the instruction inside empty steps with a permanent marker according to their own creativity and … naughtiness.

Close-up at the illustrations crafted by illustrators of Tree Entertaiment team.
The illustrations are demonstrate activities of Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year from the preparation to New Year Eve.
The original one is a bit different to the final version on the market. With more bizarre instructions in ‘trap steps’. And we are all loved the Corgi at the top right corner which has been replaced in the final version.






Still keep the very first pictures of original version before the presentation day to Coca-Caola Vietnam :).

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Omo Matic Bền màu

Omo Matic Bền màu

The ad series that cleverly customized for new 6-seconds format ad of Facebook and Youtube. To deliver the product benefit through mild humor vignettes: Love fades, color don’t.

Phim quảng cáo format 6 giây của Omo Vietnam nhằm truyền tải thông điệp ‘tình có thể nhạt, nhưng màu không phai’. Trong đó feature sản phẩm Omo Matic Bền đẹp mới với công thức được tối ưu hoá bảo vệ màu quần áo lâu phai sau 100 lần giặt.

Client: Unilvever / OMO Vietnam

Agency: Ogilvy
CD: Tien Bac
ACD/AD: Vuong Nguyen, Sa Nguyen
Copywriter: Tien Bac, Ngoc Do
Account team: Trang Mai ‘Jessie’, Van An
Producer: Susan Truong
Production: Plan A
EP: Angel Uyen Nguyen Lorenc
Line Producer: Ngân Nguyễn
Director: Max
DOP: Ray
Art Director: Folsa
Post: Pixel Garden


… bonus chùm sketch các idea tưng-tưng khác trong lúc nghĩ riêng hoặc brainstorm nhóm 😳

The Southland _ Đất phương nam

The Southland _ Đất phương nam

Inspired from an old poem about the wildness of Southland aka Nam Bộ in Mekong Delta arena. I created the ‘paper’ tattoo set for the wooden hand.

Birds’ footprints represent for the ‘land’ while living under water creatures represent for rivers and swamps. Paper cut method has been gave me inspiration just when I needed most.






Agency: Phibious
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen, Loi Ho, Livio, Dalischa de Kok
Art Direction: Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Vuong Nguyen, Loi Ho
Production House: 8 Studio (former of PlanA)
Director: La Dzung
DOP: Hoang Chaizee
Executive Producer: Angel Uyen Nguyen
Producer: Lory Oggia
Producer assitants: Thụy Phương, Lani Linh Vu, Nguyet Thai
Account team: Jon Wong, Kiet Pham

The funny thing is a lots of people believed this campaign, especially the tagline #samesameBUDdifferent was adapted from regional or global.

No, it written here, by us. #Proud

Budweiser #samesameBUDdifferent official video from Vuong Nguyen on Vimeo.







#samesameBUDdifferent Manifesto | Director’s cut from Vuong Nguyen on Vimeo.

The campaign reached 33 millions on social media. The manifesto become #2 most watched video of Budweiser with 2,5 million view on first week. And the youngsters started parody the Budweiser’s stars with hashtag #samesameBUDdifferent everywhere.



Fristi back to school promo

Fristi back to school promo

Our Marvel-comic style back to school promo became #5 most viewed video (until now) on Dutch Lady Vietnam Youtube channel with over 9.7 million views. Marvelous number!

Hail Viewers!

Fristi – back to school promo from Vuong Nguyen on Vimeo.

Collaborate with the production team, CG / animation team and agency to build up the shooting board, props, PPM deck and post production supervising.

Client : Dutchlady Vietnam
Agency : Leo Burnett
Production house  : Hasaibro
Director  : Duc Nguyen
Producer : Viet Duong
Art Director : Vuong Nguyen


Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.11.08 PM.png
Samsung 2020

Samsung 2020

In December 2015, Samsung Vietnam launched an interesting contest, all start with a simple question ‘what is the future?’. The contestants have to answer that question in their own way, their own imagination and vision. The most liked and voted ideas will be visualised by illustrators and featured in the final short film.

See the whole ideas at – the website may went offline.

Client: Samsung Vietnam
Agency: The Purpose Group
Production house: Tree Entertaiment

Vuong Nguyen, Thien Ngan Nguyen Creative Direction
Kei Nguyen Director
Vũ Tuấn Anh, Bae Wiu Lum: Concept artist
Vuong Nguyen, Kei Nguyen: Art Director
Thien Ngan Nguyen, Vuong Nguyen: Copywriter
Vũ Tuấn Anh, Bae Wiu Lum, Đức Lương, Ngiêm Nguyễn: Illustrator
Tuấn Jerry: Animator
Duyên Hà: Account Executive
Tân Trịnh: Project Secretary











The talented team of director, illustrators, animators of Tree Entertaiment are breaking down the scenes.










Sprite & Fanta Tet 2017

Sprite & Fanta Tet 2017


We came up with ideas of a serie of 3 visuals represent for 3 regions of Vietnam with distinct culture activities and behaviours. 3 packs when display together will become a united picture of Vietnamese Tet.

Client : Coca-cola Vietnam
Agency : Phibious
Production: Tree Entertainment
Associate Creative Director : Vuong Nguyen
Art Director: Vương Nguyễn, Kei Nguyễn
Production Team Leader: Nguyễn Kei
Illustrator: Phạm Rồng, Dương Hoàng
Designer: Tân Nguyễn, Nhi Nguyễn, ‘Muỗi’ Nguyễn, Clemont
Copywriter: Huy ‘Leo’ Phan
Senior Account Executive: Nhi Phạm

The illustration

After several [many] rounds of exploration and research, finally, we found some relevant occasions/events to tell stories and making layouts.

Easter eggs / hidden messages

There have a fews Easter Eggs for people who love details (like us) to find out. Tet is also a good time to start new things, new habits, “green habits” which relates to Sprite’s green. So what kind of ‘green habits’ we embedded here? Can you spot it out?



#1 – Using less nylon or plastic bags. There is only one woman carrying disposable plastic bags.
#2 – Canvas bags can be cool and fashionable too.
#3 – Walking more is better for your health and the environment.
#4 – Be a gentle man, man, always caring for your loved one.
* these easter eggs are almost removed from the final artworks cause of revisions, the Sprite illustration has been changed totally.




Fanta Orange & Sarsi flavour

#1 – Remind and support the traditional values like áo dài and calligraphy.
#2 – LGBT support, unofficially, we planned the rooster mascot will have 7 colors.
#3 – The walkway inspired from Nguyen Hue avenue, we are the second brand that portrait this city’s new walking avenue. After Craven A – a local well known cigarette brand.
#4 – This scene is seen from Thu Thiem peninsula, district 2, which not exist yet! We traveled to the future and draw it then came back.




And let see them in real life.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Coffee House packaging

The Coffee House packaging


Trước Tết chừng 1-2 tuần, tớ nhận được lời đề nghị thiết kế packaging cho sản phẩm cà-phê đóng gói đầu tiên của The Coffee House từ bạn Marketing Director. Project này làm tớ rất hào hứng và mong chờ đến buổi gặp mặt briefing. Trong buổi briefing, ngoài Phú, có cả Ninh – CEO của The Coffee House, bọn tớ trao đổi một số chi tiết về sản phẩm lần này – lúc đó là khoảng cuối buổi sáng, ngay tại chi nhánh vừa mới khai trương của The Coffee House ở Nguyễn Thái Bình, quận 1.

Sản phẩm là Cà-phê phin vị truyền thống trong khi The Coffee House là một thương hiệu trẻ, hiện đại, tớ nghĩ, trong thiết kế nên bao gồm cả hai yếu tố này. Tớ nghĩ đến những typeface trên bảng hiệu xưa ở Sài Gòn, vốn càng ngày càng khó tìm ở những khu thương mại cũ ở quận 1, 3, 5.

Ngoài những bảng hiệu tự đi chụp, tớ cũng có tham khảo bộ sưu tập các typeface xưa cũ từ dự án Lưu chữ – The Lost Type Vietnam.

Art Direction & Creative direction: Vương Nguyễn
Art Director & Producer: Joe Võ

Illustrator: Hiền Vũ – BTStudio


Phần vẽ minh hoạ được thực hiện bởi các hoạ sĩ trẻ và tài năng ở BT studio.


Bức minh hoạ ‘từ Cầu Đất đến mọi nơi’ thể hiện cảnh thu hoạch cà-phê ở mặt trước, và ở mặt sau là cảnh cà-phê đã qua chế biến và sẵn sàng phục vụ cho những người sành cà-phê ngon.


What a wonderful mug concept

What a wonderful mug concept

Concept lấy cảm hứng từ ca khúc What a Wonderful World của cố nhạc sĩ, ca sĩ nhạc Jazz da màu lừng danh Louis Armstrong, lần đầu phát hành vào tháng 10-1967. Ca từ của bài hát miêu tả một Thế giới Tuyệt vời, ở đó mọi người sống hoà bình, chan hoà với nhau với thiên nhiên đất trời. NYF x The Coffee House muốn tạo ra một chiếc ly quà tặng tượng trưng cho tình yêu, tình bằng hữu giữa người với người, xuyên suốt theo tinh thần ‘đi cà-phê’ của thương hiệu.

Phần tranh minh hoạ được vẽ bởi nhóm hoạ sĩ của Tree Entertaiment phỏng theo kỹ thuật ‘hoạ đơn nét’, mà một đại diện nổi tiếng của kỹ thuật hoạ này đó là danh hoạ người Tây Ban Nha, Pablo Picasso.

Bên dưới đây là phần thuyết trình concept của NYF cho The Coffee House.


Dove Christmas 2016

Dove Christmas 2016



Người ta nói, bạn thân thì thường hiểu nhau đến tận chân tơ kẽ tóc của nhau. Liệu có đúng thế không?

Để đi tìm được câu trả lời, Dove Vietnam đã quyết định đưa ra một thử thách ‘khó nhằn’ cho các đôi bạn thân BFF trong mùa Noel này: thử thách ‘Hiểu ý bạn yêu’. Phần thưởng cũng thật ‘đáng liều’ – một cặp quà limited edition với bộ ‘BFF pattern’ được thiết kế đặc biệt.


Cặp BFF sẽ cùng nhau trả lời những câu hỏi ngẫu nhiên về sở thích, tính cách, bí mật và ti tỉ những thứ li ti linh tinh khác, nếu câu trả lời trùng nhau càng nhiều thì chứng tỏ đó đúng là một cặp trời sinh rồi, đồng thời là phần thưởng cũng sẽ giá trị hơn. Dễ đúng không? Thử mới biết –

Client : Unilever / Dove Vietnam
Agency : Mash / Purpose
Associate Creative Director  : Vuong Nguyen
Pattern Artist : Thien Huong Ngo
Senior Copywriter : Loi Ho
Head of Digital : Tri Thong
Art Director :  Tri Thong, Hiep Tran
Designer : Thien Huong Ngo
Interactive Designer : Ngan Nguyen, Duoc Tran, Tu Vu, Anh Nguyen, Ken Nguyen
Photographer : Nam Nguyen, Uyen Dong
Account Service : Dana Nguyen, Annabel, Hoa Bui
Producer : chi Lam









Standard Chartered Bank anniversary

Standard Chartered Bank anniversary

Concept kỷ niệm 110 năm đồng hành phát triển cùng Việt Nam cho ngân hàng Standard Chartered Vietnam năm 2014. Hình ảnh chính là con số 110 cấu thành từ những cột mốc lịch sử, sự du nhập những kỹ thuật, kỹ nghệ tân kì (động cơ hơi nước, sản xuất cơ  giới hoá, công nghiệp hoá), những công trình thay đổi diện mạo đất nước (đập thuỷ điện, hầm đèo Hải Vân) đến những thành tựu hiện đại (tháp Bitexco, cầu treo, vệ tinh nhân tạo, metro…)

Hình minh hoạ vẽ bởi hoạ sĩ vẽ minh hoạ Justin Khuong @Nhộng studio

Vương Nguyễn: Art Direction
Justin Khương: Copywriter
Justin Khương: Illustrator

wg_sketchbook_mockup-SCB crop110 number-scropdetailPrint