Cau Dat Farm

Client: Cau Dat Farm
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Illustrators: Hiền Vũ, Lê Nho Huy, Linh Nghiêm – BTStudio
Project Manager: Nhi Pham
Final Artist: Vinh Pham

publication page-01

Before Christmas 2017, we got a call from client for a packaging design project, kind of  rush one – we thought to ourselves, and yes, it WAS a rush one.

I still remembering that was a Friday night coffee meeting between us, after work, and we met at the very first time. This was kind of an informal and chemistry meeting which we’d loved to offer to new clients. There was Mister Phuong the CEO and Mister Dung from Cau Dat Farm, we had a friendly conservation to know each other and the brief, about the abilities of our team can offer.


Things happened very fast, right after the meeting, the client offered us one-day trip to their farm for visiting, scouting and gathering necessary materials for the project.

We hopped into a bus on Saturday night and begin the journey, turned out a very interesting journey! And there were sleeping beds on the bus for passengers.

sketch_layout 3

 So excited after the short trip, I quickly did a lots of sketches back in the hotel, on the bus and whenever I got free time to prepare a properly brief to the BT studio’s illustration team.

I was a bit obsessed with the panoramic view, the wideness of the scenic  when wandering through the hills in Cau Dat. I wondered how to bring that freedom panoramic feeling into the packages. Then I decided to go with wrap-around designs.

printer_testWe came up with a comprehensive visual system for different product types: coffee & tea on various SKUs.

6_coffee_espressoV_Shortfront back_coffee7_coffee_caphephinV_shortcoffee_250_valve bag

The illustration team has been did a great job. To bring Cau Dat’s scenics on packages, bold and colorful.

hopthiec_cao_tra xanh_Shortfront back_tea2V1_Shorttea_squre_2 tin can_short talltea_squre_tin can 4 sidetin_short_3d

We also made a collection of mini tea boxes as souvenir for tourists.

front_anim1_4 primary boxtote_pouch.jpgmugcombofullrange_White

The combo demo will coming soon.

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