The Coffee House traveler’s collection


* Original concept container, the actual box is different.

Travelers love souvenirs. Because souvenirs to them are not simply a thing, but a personal time-marker which represent for a vividly memories or unforgettable experience of journey past.

Credit | Creative director/ Project manager Vuong Nguyen Illustrator Tuong Vy, Tuong Van, Duong Hoang Art producer Kei Nguyen of Tree Entertaiment Designer Vuong Nguyen, Tram Anh, Kai Final artist Thien Pham

Therefore, we want it to be special, we make it in a way that we love the most – hand drawing. Like other projects, we started with thoughts and sketches. What we should draw? What is matter to a traveller? What is unique about a place? We thought of a map.



A city map is like a human’s finger print, unique like no other, each map is a lively labyrinth of history, culture, habitat of generations of citizen.

We added in a fews regular tourist attractions, signature dishes, items that related to the city life. We hope to see more cities of the collection will come to life.

Mockups Design

Mockups Design

Mockups Design


We picked color based on distinctive or characteristic of each city. Saigon is orange inspired from its hot weather year-round and terra-cotta building roofs quite popular there, Da Nang is blue-cyan – a peaceful and calm city by the sea, while Hanoi is more time-dyed, historical tonality.

* Original concept container, the actual box is different.



Bonus: This project remind us to a self-documentary video we did back in 2017 as traveler on a business trip to Hanoi 🥴. The project is here.

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