The shy man

For this latest mobile game app, we built with product development agile methodology in mind. Download it on App store.

While I had been working on a 8-pool game project then the idea of a ‘enemy ball’ on the table could chase the cue ball came. Then I quickly built a scene with that chasing mechanic and tested it a few times, it worked! Later on, I thought I could do something with this chasing mechanic and I started to make an independent prototype from it. Then I thought about the story, the character, the reason why the main character got chased by others. How about an introverted character who don’t like small talk and socialise much? How about that guy was put into a crowded environment? a controversial? or some undeniable situations like a concert, a party, or an office environment? Even worst, an open office? Voilà here we go.

You can use those objects in the office wisely to block the red blocks from touching you. There are always at-least two ways to cross over the enemies. We use physics simulation for objects in game so you can wisely use those objects to block, push the enemies and overpass them.

Brand embedded content

The game environment is an office building, the logo will help to identify sections within scenes. The branding part come naturally and blended smoothly in game sceneries. I asked around if anyone want to put their company logo in game and some of my friends from Lazada, Heineken and Zalo Pay have been answered. Then we made them virtual office slots.

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