Dotty find Mom

In this micro game, we tried to combine simple hyper-casual gameplay with a touch of narrative, storytelling. Inspired from a children storybook which I read with my youngest child and also motivated by the excitement whenever I observing little things in gardens – there is a whole world down there with little plants, fungus, moss, every kind of tiny weird insects including artificial things such as cigarette filters, bottle caps – well not so appealing but those are part of the scene. Then we created a little world for little Dotty, first 3 playable levels with a bit different camera angles and control. We can make the story a bit longer with more levels, but we think we should ship it for our own motivation purpose.

Illustration & storytelling

We draw the illustration to tell the story of a lost black dot, which accidentally dropped out from her mom wings – a lady bug. The game is like a short graphic book for children, actually for everyone who love plants, insects, macro stuffs, platform games and a little tap-tap for fun in free time. There is more illustrations in game, so we don’t spoil it all here to leave you some secrets to discover.

This is our second mobile game prototype, hope players will enjoy it.

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