Introducing our first published game C0MET – an infinity space travelling of a lonely interceptor into the universe of colorful space arcs and asteroids. The game mechanic is simple: How fast you can last the fight?. The longer you survive the more score you got and the faster you go. Now available on App Store. and Google Play.

Enhancing possibilities

To enhance it retention and session duration of the game, we are thinking to add in more spaceship models with special abilities. For example: a Juggernaut spaceship class can destroy small asteroids or endure 3 hits before blow up, the trade-off is it will dodge slower than other class.

You can use collected points to unlock other spaceship model with different abilities. For example: Before the collision, the spaceship will automatically activate special ability like slow or freeze time so player can have a bit of time to react. Or a special items can foresee the collision with obstacles by projecting hologram of the spaceship on the obstacles to warning player. This can buy by real money or unlock no-ads version.But, yeah, should keep it simple, bite-sized casual game.

Some special obstacles like a worm hole can temporary traveling you to another dimension to get more point then bring you back on track – like found a secret treasure room. This worm hole can randomly appear in game after 45 seconds.

For now you can play the demo via Buildbox World app, which support both iOS, Android. Running well on iPhone, iPad or tablets which giving a better visibility. If you interested in play this demo, please let us know, we will send you a link of the latest version of the demo because we are still developing it further. Below are the first prototype version of the game.

Game mode and UI/UX

We reworked on the UI a little bit, polished it a little bit, make it matching with colorful circles and suitable for gamers at all ages with big, simple and appropriate font size. We also balancing variables and add in some obstacles and also a ‘Turbo’ mode which the interceptor will flight in higher speed to bring more excite to players. We optimised the icon to make it easy to recognised and hint players about its content and gameplay. No instructions needed, I think.


Gamer’s experience is vital. They will see the whole world through their eyes, and what they seeing affecting to their performance. We decided to craft camera angles differently through out game mode, from menu demo, normal to Turbo! mode. Each camera angle serving different purpose and following pacing of individual game modes. The normal mode and Turbo! mode is different, camera on normal mode giving them a chilling and easy experience while in Turbo! mode, it giving them a better visibility and can see further for better dodging moves. We know this is small, but it is worth to spend more time to test and adjusting.


Purely from ads that show during playing, but we do like players concentrate in ‘playing’ part so we reduced the full-screen ads frequency just keep banner ads at the bottom. There are ways to incorporate ads into gaming experience like whenever the spaceship collided and blow up we can revive them and slow down speed after choose ‘watch an ad’. In more complex way, we can introduce a range of skill can be unlocked based on speed players reached or by in-app purchase options.

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