Dove stop motion

In collaboration with Lumina Gallery and Biz-Eyes agency, we produced 3 stop motion clips for Dove channel. I worked on some treatments and tried another things on set, during shooting day. Very appreciate the support from both agency, houses and friends that help us archive this. Below are director’s cut of the clips, slightly different from the official ones, which made based on my original treatment.

Client Dove/Unilever Production Lumina Gallery Director Vuong Nguyen EP Phung Tieu, Vuong Nguyen

I hand-drawing the animatic for each scene and transitions, then using stand-in puppet for previz sequences before shooting in real life, that’s fun. Most of the time I working with scaled armatures not a real human, but working with a ‘human armatures’ bring me valuable knowledge and experience and feel appreciate the beauty of individual models. The Dove client was serious about natural beauty and about keeping their commercial models ‘raw’, I mean not raw-raw but nurturing and respecting each woman’s beauty – that point made me feel good (and amazed too) when working with them.

There are some unused transition or footages, for example the flower pop-up that I quite like down here which I quite in love with, still smooth isn’t it?

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