Ovaltine: The chase

In order to create a sequence for the Super 5, their next adventure has been pushed to the next level: into space.

Ovaltine created a group of 5 to represent them in the market through a comic serie, they called Super 5. Each of them have different characteristics and profile. The campaign was successful at the time it launched and help Ovaltine gained back serious market share from Milo.

This time, with the help of Dr. O, Super 5 geared with super equipments and be able to travel in space and chasing Lomi – the bad aliens that stolen power of wheat from Earth bring back to their planet.


Each individual member of Super 5 has their own weapons/gears that specialised according to their characteristic, fighting style and task. They also need a sleek and cool uniform when travel in space which reflect the branding of Ovaltine but subtlety injected. We also created promo card with 3D hologram of characters for each 4 pack Ovaltine purchase. The campaign went so well, all the promo cards has been sold out before the campaign end.


We built a web game platform where players can choose to ride their favourite character’s spaceship to fight Lomi and his company. The main UI of the website is simulating inside the cockpit of Super 5 mother spaceship, which give the feeling to viewers that they are chasing a big Lomi mothership ahead. Players need to finish first 5 level to catch Lomi mothership then destroy the boss and take back the wheat power at level 6.

Thanks to the effort of brand team, agency and studios. The campaign gained significant market share for Ovaltine and become the most engaged campaign to customers ever archived.

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