Aplus home rebrand

In October, 2021 we got a chance to work on a rebranding project for Aplus home – a Vietnamese tech and construction based start-up in modern accommodation. After few years in the market, they want to refresh their look, to make it up-to-date according to new business goals.

We started develop concepts based on researches and our quick online catchups weekly with the founder and the brand manager. It was productive and constructive practice that I personally love it, because it help us utilise every single ideas coming out. We always looking forward to work directly with founders.


The concept is sunlight in the morning, fresh, warm and lively shine through the window and light up the whole house which represent as big block of triangle and also the shape of A. The plus is created by two < > characters which are essential character in programming. It stand for the spirit and commitment of a young and ambitious tech company willing to give added values to life.