The second spot of Lazada biggest year end sales has been on aired weeks ago and received quite amazing feedback from audiences which a lots are both fan of Lee Min Ho and Chipu!

Client Lazada Regional Director Peter Singh Agency Bighead IMC Production house Lumina Gallery Executive Producer Vương Nguyễn, Phụng Graya Tiêu Director Neko Le Producer Nguyễn Kei Director of Photography Vũ Dương Art Director & Production Designer Phong Lan Pham 1st AD Hoa Tran Focus Puller Dronie Tom PM Kieu Phuong Linh Set design & Prop team Trinh Thien Tan Stylist Anh Tuan Nguyen Stylist Assistant Dat Tran Make up for stand-in Ngo Nhat Art assistant Trang Nguyen
BTS photo Hai Le, Tran Tan, Phuonglak Rental house Cinelight PA Phong Vu, Yum Nguyen, Nhu To Voice supervisor and mix San Tran Audio post Lex Vũ Singer Tuyết Mai Post house Colorholic Media Film Editor Khanh Nguyen, Nguyen Phuong Colorist Khanh Nguyen

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