Director reel

This is the first time I sharing my Director reel, still quite new to the role since my first stop-motion film back in 2020. Everything needs the first. I mainly focus on making short content videos, animation and stop-motion videos.

My strength is working with miniatures and puppets, because crafting is my favourite hobby, and curiosity is the motivation that pushing me try new things.

Recently, I worked on CGI short video contents which to publish on Instagram and Facebook story, some on Tiktok with vertical 16:9 format. The vertical to me is okay, that the way audience nowadays familiar with. So be it. For short film on Youtube, of course, I prefer horizontal formats.

Why stop-motion

I has been introduced stop-motion since I am a student in Arena, my graphic design school, I never graduated by the way.. But in 2016 I really started working on my first stop-motion clip with my 1:64 miniature cars to celebrate 63th anniversary of American muscle car, the Corvettes. Then in 2018, I opened my production house, Lumina Gallery and the next year, we produced Saviour of Pandemic – Cứu tinh mùa dịch which I written the script with my friends and shoot it in 3 days. Then the next film is The Unexpected Santa – Noel bất ngờ and first commissioned commercial The first encounter – Cuộc chạm trán đầu tiên in the same year of 2020, and the latest Almost make it, I shot it at home, by myself during The Great Lock-down, happened in Vietnam back in 2021.

Stop-motion teaching me a lots, from principles of animation, set design, costume design, emotion creating… Everything about making film. I like it, I like the making process, even though I have to be on set long days, much longer than usual production. There is still not many animation and stop-motion Director in Vietnam, properly, but I hope things will change soon in the future.

Dizzy yet? Good.

Motion & Music

I quite like to work with music and motion even though I am not a musician or composer, I just love music. In my opinion, both motion and music are sharing the same things: movement and emotion. Movement can create emotion and vice versa. Lighting is lying between motion and emotion, that is another special element. I often spend time on doing sound design, actually, I quite enjoy it. Sounds can tell a story itself.

Short video to celebrate first day Saigon open after lock-down. Song Sài Gòn đẹp lắm remastered in 2021.

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