Vinamilk Organic Gold

The original board was not come from us but the other team, the previous creative team. And somebody said during the production trip: people should appreciate the work of others. I find out that is mean not only respect others but also respect yourself.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
ACD: Nhat Linh Pham, Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Hai Dao, Nhu Pham, Ha Cao
Art Director: Ngoc Anh Thu, Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: Tuan, Oanh
Composer: Lex Vu
Agency producer: Tuan Lam, Mai Tran, The producer team
Production house: Fatman
EP: Lili Pham
Line Producer: Chα»›p TN
Director: Casso
DOP: John, Fatman
Post & CGI house: The Frank Barton Company
Business Partner: Lan Anh Tran
Account team: My Ngoc Dang, Thieu Mai Tran, Anh Nguyen, Nghia Vu, Tue Tran
Traffic: Thuy Vu


We try to handle this with care, although all the crazy schedules, catch-ups, con-calls, jet lag, work-hour difference.

I myself learn to overcome challenges that I’ve never bang my head on before – everyday.

May be I am not the type of result-based person, of course I always aiming for a great result, but I do enjoy the making part of it. The experience of each project is priceless.

For this film, ‘It’s a wrap’ is a beginning. Fortunately, we have friends to help us out.

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