Agency: Phibious
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen, Loi Ho, Livio, Dalischa de Kok
Art Direction: Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Vuong Nguyen, Loi Ho
Production House: 8 Studio (former of PlanA)
Director: La Dzung
DOP: Hoang Chaizee
Executive Producer: Angel Uyen Nguyen
Producer: Lory Oggia
Producer assitants: Thụy Phương, Lani Linh Vu, Nguyet Thai
Account team: Jon Wong, Kiet Pham

The funny thing is a lots of people believed this campaign, especially the tagline #samesameBUDdifferent was adapted from regional or global.

No, it written here, by us. #Proud

Budweiser #samesameBUDdifferent official video from Vuong Nguyen on Vimeo.







#samesameBUDdifferent Manifesto | Director’s cut from Vuong Nguyen on Vimeo.

The campaign reached 33 millions on social media. The manifesto become #2 most watched video of Budweiser with 2,5 million view on first week. And the youngsters started parody the Budweiser’s stars with hashtag #samesameBUDdifferent everywhere.


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