This time, we launch a brand for ourself DELT▵ FORGE in middle of social distancing. A little film-making tool workshop founded by father and son in suburbs of Ho Chi Minh city.

Briefly intro about us: We are makers, animators, creatives who crafting tools for other creatives.

Being our own client is way more different (and relief too). We know what we want, work directly with ourself (haha). Just a simple product design philosophy and a willing to make things happen.

Fortunately, we are sharing the same interests and knowledge, some point of view, mechanic and science, then finding a same voice is not a big deal. Actually, I learnt a lots from my father. We are both admired prodigy mechanics like Mikhail Kalashnikov, Henry Ford, Porsche Ferdinand, Nicola Tesla and their works and philosophies.

Quickly put them on test in the real World. Stamp logo on boxes, mark it on cotton bags, smash its icon on metal plates, put it to online store and deliver it to our customers.

Low-cost and less waste packaging

We have a chance to live as a small business entrepreneur life during Covid-era, thanks for it, we have a chance to walk in small entrepreneur’s shoes. Managing cost effectively is never an easy game. Choosing design and printing methods, material are as vital as managing production cost, you have to keep them as low as possible. We have to balance between branding, aesthetic standard, thinking about how to shipping, how customer use it, considering every factors,even ethical choices… Because at the end of the day, this is our business, packed with our pride, our ego and a desire to provide good products.

We go with sustainable materials, kraft paper box over plastic box, cotton bag instead of bubble wrap, hand stamping individual box and bag instead of mass printing at printer, hand writing receipt codes instead of print them out and stick on shipping boxes…

We appreciated our consumers and shippers, they didn’t complain about our choices for packaging, they didn’t complain why we didn’t bubble wrap the product like other e-commerce sellers did, luckily they didn’t complain about my hand-writing numbers either..

Obviously, we dislike plastic, and the thought have to use plastic vinyl or bubble wrap like everyone else make us sick. Thanks to that obsession, we finally chosen cotton bag as our product wrap.

We can play more with it as you can see here, some cotton bag patterns for our Summer promo.

For branding on product itself, we worked with a local metal work engineering company to carve our icon on a 70 (+-2) HRC (Hardness Rockwell C) steel pole. This pole will be use to cold stamping on our plates.

Our first flash sale promotion run on Shopee, Facebook and Instagram in 3 days.

We also developing a Youtube channel to introduce products, instructing how to maintain it and showing demos.

Building a brand is fun. Open and run an online shop is fun too. Collaborating with my dad is fun. Sell stuff to people needed it at affordable price tag is fun too. Fun but also challenges.

If I’ve never been made a stop motion film, if my father was not a former mechanic and if there is no social distancing, DELT▵ FORGE would never been born.

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