A birth of a brand during social distancing in second year of Covid-19. This time, we build a brand for ourself DELT▵ FORGE. A little film-making tool workshop founded by father and son in district 9, Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Briefly intro about us, maker, animator, creative who crafting tools for other creatives.

Being our own client is way more relief. We know what we want, work directly with ourself (haha), we don’t have such complicated and thoughtful plans handed-on by many smart people for next 3-5 year or decades or KPI or whatsoever. Just a simple product design philosophy and willing to make things happen.

There is no need bullshiting around with flashy ideas, beautiful words, mysterious, witty description and careful put together deck countless rounds. Just sketches, discussion, sketches, fix it then discussion (via Facebook messenger), a story from the past, an undone dream, then we have a name and the logo.

Then quickly put them on real World. Stamp it on boxes, stamp it on cotton bags, smash it on metal plates, put it to online store and deliver it to our customers.

We hand stamping on shipping box and cotton bag instead of print, this can saving quite a bit and more flexible. Because we don’t like to use plastic either so we use cotton instead of plastic bag, this can increase cost a little, but we do it for ourself, then it is okay. To avoid rust and oxidation we sprayed metal product and accessories with anti-rust oil.

Drying cotton bags natually under sunshine (cat is a secret ingredient).
We worked with a local metal work engineering company to carve our icon on a 70 (+-2) HRC (Hardness Rockwell C) steel pole. This pole will be use to cold stamping on our plates.

Oh, and by the way, ccheck out our store here. We are also have a Youtube channel to blog about our product, demos and home-made stop motion clips.

Building a brand is fun. Open an online shop is fun. Collaborating with my dad is fun. Sell stuff to people needed it at affordable price tag is fun too. If I’ve never been made a stop motion film, if my father was not a former mechanic and if there is no social distancing, DELT▵ FORGE would never been born.

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