The Coffee House Winter Cup Concept

It’s been a year since we worked on this concept for The Coffee House Winter collection, then second wave of Covid wiped off everybody’s efforts and hard work. On the fourth wave of Covid, we were all locked down since the beginning of June, already 4 months passed and there is still no light yet at the end of the tunnel.

We need some hope, so we decide to bring the concept back to life, virtually. To see some works coming out, even virtually, can give us some hope for tomorrow.

Our message to creatives, who are suffering out there: Don’t give up, don’t abandon your ideas, your works, and your hope. Keep sharpening your skills. Learn new things. One day, we will come back to our stage.

Client The Coffee House Creative Director/Project manager Vuong Nguyen Illustrator Duong Hoang Producer Kei Nguyen Designer Vuong Nguyen 3D Artist Vuong Nguyen Project in collaboration with Tree Studios

For the materials, we love to use recycled and layered hard cardboard as shock absorbers and cover for the cup, we aim for a zero plastic packaging anyway. The cup is actually very thin, it needs lots of proper protection. So we learn from the egg package, and create a structure that can ‘hang’ the cup in the middle of the box, to keep it away from collision. We hope that, someday, we could put this structure to a real life test. The box also allows us to see what’s inside without unboxing it, which is pretty handy for display in the store.

* All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

The story telling was printed on the cup’s surface. On one side, the polar bear appears behind the window as if he is knocking on it to invite our little kitty to hangout with him. They might have a Christmas party together, or watch Netflix, or play ice skating somewhere, which we don’t know yet.

But friendship and togetherness are things that we want to highlight in this concept. The Winter is cold, but our hearts are not.
Plate and wooden spoon may sell separately.

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