One cup can beat a thousand

My 6-month project to fight against one-time #plastic #coffee #cup is finished in today.

Each of mark on my ceramic cup stand for a popular plastic coffee cup that selling in #Saigon #Vietnamcoffee shops. The cup is often including a traw, a cap and a handle, all of them are made of plastic. I saved 1082 plastic cups, straws, caps and handles since August 2016. I used various of ceramic, enamel cups and tumblers to store the coffee or other drinks everyday instead.

I hoping this project can raise awareness about the waste we made everyday. and how much plastic cup a person can avoid by using alternative options.
#saynotoplastic #noplastic#noplasticbags#noplasticcups#environmentprotection#artproject#experimentalart#permanentmarker #sharpie you my friends who inspire, encourage, and support me to make this project happen. โœŠ๐Ÿ˜˜



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