Vinamilk Black rice Yogurt

Black rice yogurt, a favorite dessert of people in Northern Vietnam now available on the shelves nation wide.

The highlighted (and fun) part of the film is the black rice and yogurt sequence. We did real shoot with a food experienced crew and bunch of black rice in order to capture the beauty of randomness.

Advertiser: Vinamilk
Agency: Ogilvy
Associate Creative Director: Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Nhu Pham, Phuong Anh Tran
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: BT Studio
Animator: Dai Nguyen
Music Composer: Lex Vu
Production House: Laughing Buddha
EP: Malcom
Post House: Veative BKK
Film Director: Jacek
Producer: Mai Tran, Tuan Lam, Nghia Vu, Vu Nguyen, The Producer Team
Business Director: Lan Anh Tran
Account: My Ngoc Dang, Thieu Mai Bui (5)

Shot after shot, time after time, the imperfection here and there blending with perfection, some missing moments, some technical issues showed up and solved… The whole process required a great deal of time and patience of the team, the client, the creative.

At the end of the day, it’s worth it. Special thanks to everyone that have been involved.

Thing that I remembered the most is the moment at the offline presentation at client’s office. The first time ever I saw a lots of marketers waiting in excite to see the offline cuts. There was not enough chairs for everyone, some sitting some standing patiently.

After watched a few times, they all started to applause. That is the moment – I believed, not only me, but everyone from director, producer to accounts in the room will never forget. A big congrats to us.


Like usual, the film is just the tip of the iceberg. The final result of a long working process, from concept to execution :).