Nutifood GrowPlus+

In August, we have a call from Geometry Vietnam for a TV commercial and digital campaign brief for Nutifood GrowPlus+ 2020.

We collab with OneTouch, the production house and director Ms. Khun Zu from BKK and Thuy Phan for the production. This is also the first time we experience a remote film shooting, thanks to effective communication of producer team from both side and Q-take system. There are still hiccups here and there, but we overcome it in the end.

Advertiser: Nutifood
Agency: Geometry Vietnam – a WPP company
Associate Creative Director: Vuong Nguyen
Copywriter: Hoang An
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Visualiser: Bao Hoang
Music Composer: Lex Vu
Production House: OneTouch
Film Director: Khun Zu, Thuy Phan
EP: Cuong Nguyen
Post House: Smoke & Mirrors BKK
Photographer: Dominic Khuong
Studio: 229 Productions
EP: Tram Pham

Behind the scene shots of shooting day, a marina club house in district 7. Fortunately, the weather was great, lighting was great at early morning.

As usual, behind any official works are huge efforts, sketches, plans, sweat and tears (because of yawning 😪 when waiting for render)

Bonus a recap note page at meeting from our creative team. It will be very difficult for us to just writing notes with text only, so we sketch it out.