Camera sketches during social distancing


Our third project of unexpected 2020, well, such a very unexpected year due to coronavirus or Covid-19 out break, started from Wuhan city this January. Vietnam is like many other countries are suffering from pile up infected cases and whole nation forced to be under strictly quarantine and a long social distancing period – more than 3 weeks.

The local artist community was very active, they threw quite a fews interesting art movements and challenges in order to keep folks and everyone feel good. To lift up people’s mood despite many, many unhappy news, deaths or economic in bad shape predictions surrounded them everyday.

Me, myself is not a proper illustrator or artist, but I feel better and calm when I started to draw something, just like an antidote or cure to negative feelings. And I chose to draw my cameras, both film and digital cameras that I owned, because I love photography and mechanic.

IMG_9564 2

I started with my recently bought, a half-frame film camera which you can aim through viewfinder, thanks to its unique rotary shutter mechanic: The original SLR Olympus Pen f, manufactured in 1963.

IMG_9560 2

The second one is another half frame camera: Canon Demi, manufactured in 1963. Quite like the design of this bit with rounded aluminum shell, remind to design of Apple iPhone, iPad present day.


The third one is an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F, with tough metal build, I adore the film camera because its high quality build that very durable through time. When I feel bored with drawing still life, I threw in colors, lots of it.

I tried to draw each of camera in different styles, to demonstrate thoughts poped-up along the way while sketching.


The forth one is my Minolta Hi-matic 7s, the heaviest one, up to 800g including its leather half case. I tried to draw it in different angle and in ‘soft and light’ coloring style to versus its weighty fact.


My workhorse, since I learned about photography: a used Sony A6300. I used it in many commercial projects. A reliable camera, my second mirrorless camera after a Nex-5N. I can try many manual focus vintage lens via lens converting mounts.


My first film camera, a Voigtlander Vito CD, West Germany origin.


The second last one in my vault is my favorite light-weight micro four third Olympus E-M10 mark II. I draw it like a expedition space ship, because this camera led me to black and white photography and also discovered more possibilities of street photography.


My first mirrorless digital camera, the Sony NEX-5N. I used this camera to take a lots photos for my miniature blog.

I have a Uniqlo tee that printed a Fujifilm X100 that I quite like. So then I made typography of camera name and put it on merchandises. You can check our our shop here world-wide shipping.



Today is also the day, social distancing has been relaxed in my country. Thanks God and health care workers, authorities that worked very hard at the front line and behind the scene for this day. But still, out there is not safe yet, keep your mask on 😷 when go out, keep maintain your life and keep chasing be lated or delayed payments.