be debut: another cut

In mid-end of 2018, we have a chance to work with be – a very new and ambition, local developed sharing-transportation app for Vietnam. Similar with how Uber or Grab did but backed with local users customized functions and latest technology.

* This edit is a non-commercial purpose cut for personal portfolio. Please don’t repost without inform. Music: Big Titanium from

Thanks to Echo – the production house and the crew that very supportive and inspire us all during the process of making the film.
production: Echo films
director: Kei Nguyen
creative direction & art director: Vuong Nguyen
copywriter: Vy Nguyen
DOP/camera man:
producer: Phuong Nguyen, My Phung
credits will be updated.
The official 15s spot at be’s Facebook fanpage


Within a day, we moved through over ten Saigon’s distinctive locations in order to capture the dynamic, youthfulness of the city landscape from early morning to night fall.

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And be’s presence is the thread that connecting all the film together.

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