In order to avoid unexpected misleading, this is our preferred working process. The process can be a little different between certain projects due to its distinction, we will discuss further in details.

1__ Chemistry meeting *

We’d love to work with kind and like-mind people so an informal coffee meeting is a good start for getting know of each others before decide to move to the next stage.

* we are often offerย  this step to our new client.

2__ Briefing

There are clients that familiar with making a brief for designer while others haven’t know yet. We can cooperate to come up a brief by question-and-answer session. Don’t stress out, we won’t judge, we are not working for Vietnam Idol or sort of audition organizations.

We want to know about your brand, product, story, target customer or some plan to roll out marketing or advertising campaign. Because we want to help you.

3__ Negotiation & agreements

We will research the brief and discuss with you which are still unclear, scope of work before making a quotation.

Quotation, timing and contract will be agreed from both sides then sign-off.

We demand 50% payment in advance before start to work on any project. After received the 50% payment deposit we will start working on next step.

4__ Concept development

We will develop initial thoughts, sketches based on the brief then prepare for the first presentation to client. Client will feedback on initial thoughts. We will proceed to revise or necessary adjustments to get final approval on a creative direction.

5__ Visual development

Based on the approved creative direction(s), creatives and design team will develop visual concepts the present to client. Together we will improve the outcome til final approval.

6__ Payment, delivery & liquidation.

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