Mid-autumn mood

Mid-autumn festival is coming to town! Mid-autumn festival is the third biggest festival season beside traditional Tet and Christmas in Vietnam of the year.  People are giving each other delicious mooncakes to show their thanks and appreciation – very kind tradition I have to say.

The market is very active (and aggressive too!) during these season. We can see, hear, and taste a lots of kind of mooncakes, from traditional-industrial ones to homemade, organic-based and micro-makers ones.


Thanks to our kind friends! Our little young creative hub received quite a lots of sweet and cute size mooncakes. And guess what, we did photoshoot sessions with those ‘little yummy super-model’ 🤟🤤, like an experiment, it’s fun and we’ve learnt a few things during the set up, shooting and post production.

First batch from Vy, made by Boki a well-known food stylist. Personally, I feel the cake wrap a bit dry, but the content inside is very different (great) and also unique comparing to traditional ones. Quite like the vegan mush-room content, taste like a dumpling.



Second batch from our friend, Kei from Tree Entertaiment. The studio that worked with me on Sprite & Fanta Tet packaging 2017 and 2018 and Samsung: a day in 2020. A colorful mooncake collection with different flavors. Looks as good as it tastes.



The third batch is also came from Boki – her last mooncakes of this season. The black/carbon one is the best one in this batch. Take a closer look of the black one, very bold and daring color for mooncake. The wooden plate reminded me to the Blades of Chaos of Kratos in God of World, my favorite game of all time.




Behind the scene.

We shot under natural light condition, with diffusers and a little retouch works. All the props are used what we found in the room. Special thanks to the plants in our garden that donated their little leaves. (we already say sorry before cut off the leaves..)

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