Cocoxim Pure Joy

The Coconut’s Kingdom

Bến Tre is also known as the ‘capital of coconut’ or ‘the coconut province’ or somebody love to call it ‘the coconut’s kingdom’, since its history bound with this amazing plant.

Though coconut trees can be found nearly everywhere in the country, only in Ben Tre can you find the special species of palm tree that is characteristic of the region. Located in the southwestern part of the Mekong Delta, about 90km west of HCM City, Ben Tre has long been famed for its delicious variety of coconut dishes.

The concept: Pure joy

There is nothing compare to cold, fresh and delicious as juice from a tip-chopped Green Xiem coconut during a hot day. A source of joy as pure as raw and untouch  coconut itself. People at Mekong Delta also used coconut leaves as multi-purpose material in their daily. One of usage is building beautiful wedding arches, all done by hands by most skilled farmers in the village. There is a documentary video below of how they preparing for a wedding at Mekong Delta.


We learn from videos and tested several combination pair of colors and graphic elements. Duo-tone is not enough to make the pack vibrant, so we decided to use 3 color to simulate the chess board effect instead.

When the joy of deliciousness marry to a hand-crafted piece of art, there is pure joy. You are not just drinking the pure of the most famous Green Xiem coconut juice from Ben Tre but also enjoy the culture of craftsmanship of the local farmers there.

In your hand is a Pure Joy limited edition coconut prisma pack, crafted and brought to you by Cocoxim x NYF.



The concept was not coming through due to several reasons, but we are still happy to continue to build it up and bring it into light. To celebrate the creativity and diligence of Mekong Delta’s farmers, especially local farmers in Ben Tre who great at hand crafting.





Credit | Creative director Vuong Nguyen Designer Vuong Nguyen, Thien Huong Ngo Project manager Nhan Tran, Vy Nguyen

P.S: We are still hope to hold it in hand, soon. To see our work come out is also  pure joy too :).

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