Created with Blender

Blender is a totally new 3D making software to me. I heard about it somewhere out there quite a few time, but this is the first time I really try it, learn it. Thanks to Covid lock-down, it have a lots of downside but there are still a brightside about it. I have less work and more time, to try things that I haven’t been tried before.

I think Blender is a powerful tool, it packed tons of tools inside it, the name Blender says it all. One of the feature I just discovered today is you can actually become a camera operator, literally walk into the World that you created which is I dreamed about when I worked with 3Ds Max over a decade ago! I am glad that someone turned it into reality.

Below is stuffs that I made with Blender since 7th Sept, 2021. Will update some more then. I keep practicing everyday, from tutorials I found on Youtube, Blender community links or sometime specific tasks, I looked for articles and guides then I follow it.

Low poly street – day 6

I like isometric works, so I started to doing it by my own. So excited to see it rendered. I spent around 6-12 hours per day to work with Blender, whenever I have free time, I jumped on Blender and build something.

Day 10, with volumetric rendering.

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